the mona passage.
grand concourse press.
pelo bueno.
when the city sleeps.
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  • Sade. my boy Angelo Baque would love these.

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  • Ode To The Captain

    on this day
    I will tell my
    son & future
    children &
    I was watching
    Derek Jeter’s 
    last game & 
    hopefully they’ll
    argue with me
    that he’s not 
    better than 
    Trout or 
    Stanton or
    any other
    name 10 
    20 years 
    from now
    but I’ll say 
    you never
    saw him 
    play, you 
    never saw
    the hustle,
    the clutch,
    the flip, 
    the dive,
    the jump throw
    he played with 
    more heart
    than I ever saw
    in the game
    that’s why he
    was the captain.

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  • Eulogies #7

    when I’m dead
    remember the
    the poetry, the 
    absurd beauty
    of my laughter
    the passion
    i had for the
    things & people
    i love, remember
    the hair if you must
    but don’t forget
    my eyes. don’t
    forget my eyes.

  • On its third installment, Canvas of Words hits Queens, New York also known as “The Melting Pot” with CULTURE, HISTORY and IDENTITY.

    Distinguished and Emerging Performance Poets will share their ROOTS as they take on a journey of filled with TRADITION & HISTORY. The journey will include “the American Dream” and the importance of preserving CULTURE, HISTORY and IDENTITY when achieving it. 

    A graffiti exhibition by visual artist Lawrence Hossanah Myse following the themed show and will surround the stage and audience. Musicians and dancer will also join the arts and through their craft show the importance of preserving ROOTS to keep history alive. 

    The night will be a celebration cultural diversity.

    Hosted by “Advocate of Wordz”

    Featuring: Bonafide Rojas, Annette Estevez, Rafael Landron, Roya Marsh, Modesto “Flako” Jimenez, Cindy “Black Angel” Peralta, Audrey Dimola Carmen Taveras Molina and Nefertiti Asanti.

    Produced by Wendy Angulo Productions & Robleswrites
    Saturday October 11, 2014 from 7:30pm to 10:30pm at the Victoria Congregational Church, 144-64 87th Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11435.
    for more details.

  • today is my mother’s 64th birthday, the last two years have been filled with fighting, mourning, growing & at times despair, but she’s still here, my mother whose name means felicity & everyone calls her Fela, who raised two children in old New York, Bronx girl, boriqua, the Virgo, happy birthday Ma. I love you.

  • The Pawnshop Guitar

    whose callouses pressed your dirt filled strings
    old & worn, bendable, your neck is warped
    like a tired back, hunched over
    sun burst, paint chipped on the lower right
    how many times have you been dropped?

    the only secret you have is exposed to
    anyone who cares to look at you
    a cracked headstock means you can
    never hold yourself in tune

    tell me of the ghosts of your fretboard
    what songs have come from your throat
    how loud were you? where was the loudest?
    a dive bar? a playhouse? roseland ballroom?

    the years passed have not been kind to you
    let me take you home, fix your headstock
    change your machine heads, i’ll call Vincent
    he’s always been delicate with all of my 
    beauties, you will be the new girl in town

    we’ll treat you right, play you out of a nice
    tube amp, show off your newly cleaned fretboard,
    new strings, i’m going to get you a new guard
    there’s something beautiful about you

    let your history wail through
    your pickups, & no one or no thing
    cant take away the fact that you
    are still wanted, still valuable
    to anyone who can see how
    beautiful you are.

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